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Music Seminar: The 30ies - the stylistic diversity of the orchestras

Theresa Faus
lördag 30 december, 2017 kl 14.15–15.45
Alviks Medborgarhus, Mossensalen

Stockholm Tangofestival 2017 29 dec - 1 jan

The thirties: Development of the stylistic diversity of the orchestras.

From the Guardia Vieja and Guardia Nueva to the Época de Oro. At the end of the twenties, during the first big tango boom in Buenos Aires, there were two predominant stylistic tendencies competing for the audience: the traditional orchestras of the Guardia Vieja and the innovators with the protagonists Julio and Francisco de Caro who called themselves Guardia Nueva. Many of the important musicians of the golden age had their beginnings in these years. In the following decade the tango passed through economically difficult times; musicians had to find other sources of income, many orchestras broke up. But the remaining and new protagonists experimented with enthusiasm and created new stylistic elements. At the end of the decade it was an enormous diversity of orchestras that constituted the beginning of the next tango boom, the golden age. But not only as the transition to the well-known and popular music of the época de oro the thirties are important – in that decade many wonderful songs were created.

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Kostnad: 100 kr per person.
Max antal deltagare: 30 deltagare.

Bokningsperioden avslutades måndag 1 januari kl 17.

Om du har frågor angående evenemanget, kontakta Eva Lindroth eller Marjatta Eladhari.

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