The Milonguero and his dancing body

Raul Cabral
fredag 6 december, 2019 kl 19.30–21
Tango Milonguero i Stockholm

The milonguero is a truly good example to follow while discovering your own tango. He listens to the music, receives it inside, interprets it, searches the beat, just like his lungs search for oxygen. He uses his body like a musical instrument, as if he is part of the orchestra. That‘s why even his simplest movements are beautifully musical.

When he dances his body moves as one unity, arms and legs don’t move independently. He never moves with his feet first. His body initiates the movement, followed by his legs. Never the other way around. He steps firmly with the whole foot defining the beat.

He leads with his whole body, but his main message comes from his chest. From his chest he communicates the sense of direction, the size of the steps, the pauses, the variations of rhythm etc. There is nothing tense or hard in his body. The more flexible he is, the more varied his dance.

His embrace is comfortably firm. He never leaves the embrace, not even for an instant, thus never cuts the flow of communication. If there is no embrace there is nothing. The embrace, the shelter he offers his partner, obliges him to navigate skillfully on the dance floor when he takes her on the musical voyage.

​Anmälan: https://wenchestribolt.wixsite.com/raulcabral

Kostnad: 350 kr per person.

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