The Milonguera and her dancing body

Raul Cabral
söndag 8 december, 2019 kl 18–19.30
Tango Milonguero i Stockholm

The milonguera‘s dancing body is pure sensitivity. When she dances, all her senses are sharpened and channeled into her dance. She is agile, toned, and flexible, but with nothing loose (hips, for instance). Her body is one, it is whole. Her feet support the structure in its real sustenance. The feet, even the heels, make contact with the ground entirety, but the heels are without weight.

The milonguera's presence is remarkable. She never makes herself insignificant, modest, or keeps a low profile. She keeps her own balance, and she is light stretching her body upwards from her waist as a string on a violin ready to vibrate at the slightest touch. She doesn’t use the embrace to stabilize herself, but keeps her body’s axis tilted slightly forward, even when she is walking backwards. She dances closely around her partner, therefore requiring little space, moulding herself and the dance in sweet companionship with her partner.

The milonguera waits, follows, and never anticipates as she comes along on the voyage, synchronizing her steps, never rushing. She is continuously tuned to the messages emitting from the partner’s chest.

She is, in every instant, feeling the magic of tango.

Anmälan: https://wenchestribolt.wixsite.com/raulcabral

Kostnad: 350 kr per person.

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