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Stockholm 2022 Dos Corazones Tango Festivalito

Two Famous Orchestras from Buenos Aires
today at 14 till sunday 22 Maj at 23.59
Viktor Rydbergs Gymnasium

Dos Corazones Tango Festivalito

Two(!) famous Orchestras from Buenos Aires - Orquesta La Juan D'Arienzo and - El Cachivache Orkesta, Milongas with Popular DJ:s, Shows, Workshops with Mario Bournissen och Laura Rusconi and with Sara Westin and Juan Pablo Canavire

All milongas and WSs can be prebooked - click on the links to get to the booking for each event (for the WSs you need to book with a partner). There is an overview booking page for all milongas and WS:s (both with us and with our partner Tango08), and Tango08:s program page gives all information on the program with them.

Friday May 20 at Chicago

Saturday May 21 at Viktor

Sunday May 22 at Viktor

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from the Calendar

today - su 22 Maj
Stockholm 2022 Dos Corazones Tango Festivalito

today - su 22 Maj
Festival WS:s with Mario Bournissen and Laura Rusconi

Välkomstmilonga Festivalito Dos Corazones

mo 23 Maj
Utomhusmilonga vid Stora Skuggan

we 25 Maj
Praktika med instruktion på grundnivå och uppåt
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