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DJ Aldo Villanueva

Stockholm Tangofestival 2018 28 dec - 1 jan

Aldo is based in Stockholm. He has DJed at international marathons, festivals and milongas around Sweden. He is the house dj of Tango08 Tango Club who organize the popular Milonga08 in Stockholm. And the house dj of the most traditional and well appreciated milonga in Stockholm, Milonga Musical Stallet.

Aldo describes himself and the music he plays as this:

I started playing music in 2010 at the Tango Rio Negro in Örebro, Sweden. My goal is to inspire dancers providing them the desire and wish to dance.

The tango from the golden age are my favourite, together with the atmosphere and the complete connection with the dancers and their energy at the milonga give me the inspiration to make my selections.

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Onsdagspraktika med instruktion på nybörjarnivå.

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