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DJ:Theresa Faus

Stockholm Tangofestival 2017 29 dec - 1 jan

Therese Faus

is a well known tango profile in Europe. She is based in München/Munich where she has her own regular milonga, see more at

During the festival 2017 she will be DJ:ing, but also give music seminars.

She describes her DJ:ing like this:

When I play music I draw on the richness of the traditional tango music: on the richness in styles, with rhythmic, romantic, complex, dramatic tangos; and on the richness of rhyhtms, melodic lines, phrasing, timbres, and colours within each tango. I play for the dancers from a broad spectrum of music, with contrasts from tanda to tanda, in order to keep their inspiration alive during hours, always observing the mood and the energy on the floor. My stylistic focus is on subtle, sophisticated, sometimes cheeky music as opposed to bombastic, big drama stuff; mainly from 1930 to 1945, and also from the 20ies, and in smaller doses dramatic and super sweet music from later years. Of the big orchestras I love especially Aníbal Troilo, there will be no milonga without his music.

This is my motto: Music that is upbeat but not hectic, calm but not monotonous, romantic but not overblown - music that gets directly into the feet!

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