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Mario Bournissen och Laura Rusconi


MARIO started his Tango journey more than 30 years ago, after a first career as a physical education teacher. He now applies his experience in bio-mechanics and movement analysis to his Tango and, especially, to his teaching.He has been working at the most prestigious milongas of Buenos Aires, such as La Calesita, Niño Bien, Salon Canning, Villa Malcolm etc., as well as in other provinces of Argentina and abroad, particularly in the United States and in Europe. In 2005 he created the milonga SOHO TANGO, which soon became the princess of the milongas due to its high level of dancing and its special atmosphere. Now he is not only the creator/organizer but also the maestro and DJ of this weekly event. As a DJ Mario has been musicalizing the milongas in Argentina and elsewhere, as well as Encuentros and Festivals around the world ,for over twentyone years. Mario has also been teaching some of the great tango professionals of today.

In 1999 Mario created a teaching system that he calls Clinica de Tango, where he invites tango professionals with different styles and techniques, with a strong idea of integration. In 2009, the project also involved his current dance partner, Laura Rusconi.

Laura, who has a background in ballroom and latin dances, has for over 10 years dedicated herself exclusively to tango. She works mainly on different styles of social tango, but has also been active in Tango Escenario. She has traveled and worked in Argentina, Europe, the United States and Japan. In 2010 she and Mario opened their own studio in Buenos Aires, with a school and milongas.

Mario and Laura are especially involved in collaborations in Italy, in places such as Villa Giacomelli in Udine, the Circolo Gardel Club in Modena, and Contatto Club e Milonga Pasion Porteña. They have been teaching at a number of places such as Vicenza, Venice, Padua, Pordenone, Ferrara, Milan, Rome, Castelfranco Veneto, Ravenna, Bologna.

LAURA AND MARIO are open to the different forms of Tango, always engaging in the music, shifting from close to open embrace according to the music and dynamics. Having already a style of their own - theirs is simply Tango. They have been working together for over 10 years and we are happy to welcome them to Stockholm!

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