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If you want to become a member of Svensk-Argentinska Tangoföreningen i Stockholm you can easily register yourself here and then pay the yearly fee of 200 SEK at BANKGIRO med OCR-nr (som du får i kundkorgen). When the money has arrived to us, the treasurer will activate your membership account – then you can log as a full member.

For the festival: Register here as well - when you are going to the checkout, you can choose to become full member or just temporarily join us for the festival and pay a minor booking fee instead.

Note! If you already has been a member you can log in with your old acount to re-activate it. If it is too old, feel feel to register again. We appreciate an email to to let us know the account information can be joined, and we can also help you with your questions there.

All fields in the form here below must be entered. Later you can complete and change your information, write a short presentation if you like, and also iupload a picture of your self.

The information you leave on this page will be used for internal society usage; participant lists, phone lists and similar. The info will not be given further to third party.

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Your email address is the key to a lot of things. The web site will automatically send reminders about your class bookings and events if you like.

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I am a human being and can tell you that 3 plus 5 is:

Last but not least you must choose a short member name and a password which you use when logging in as a member. You want to make the name short and easy to write, and it must not be taken by someone else already.

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Praktika med instruktion på grundnivå och uppåt

fr 3 Dec
Milonga på Chicago med Maria Filali & Sigrid Van Tilbeurg

mo 6 Dec

tu 7 Dec
Milonga musical seminarium

we 8 Dec
Praktika med dans på grundnivå och uppåt

fr 10 Dec
Milonga på Chicago
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