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Monday Practice with Franz Alvaro Bravo - DJ Mario Garufa

monday 16 October at 17.30 till monday 16 October at 21
Tellus Fritidscenter

Mer information om lärare, program mm finns här på FB eventsida:

Every Monday is a special day and this Monday will certainly not be an exception!

Tango, among many other things, is a living folklore – from Argentina, of neighbourhoods, of generations, of individuals with unique & shared ideas in relation to the music and the culture.

We will continue our tango journey with Franz Alvaro Bravo maestro of Tango de Salon, more specifically of Tango Estilo Villa Urquiza ('Villa Urquiza style’). The term has been used to identify the traditional style from the tango-scented neighbourhood of the same name, in the 40s and 50s — often characterised by (1) elegant, smooth and precise walks (2) use of both closed and open embrace in perfect connection (3) movements that sensitively reflect the phrasing of the music (4) code of good manners on the dance floors. A significant part of the music we listen & dance to, today, is from the same era in which this style emerged and flourished.

Let us explore the contemporary creativity of the Golden Age together, starting with the basics that take us far: OCHO dynamics and variations. After an hour of study, we will swirl into a Dance-Hard Practica with DJ Mario Garufa at 19:00!


17.30-18.00 (Nytt för 2023) Portarna öppnar redan 17:30 för lugnare ankomst, ombyte & uppvärmning inför workshoppar som börjar 18:00 som vanligt! 18.00-19.00 WS med Alvaro 19.00-20.50 Praktika med DJ Mario Garufa (Obs! Cumparsita spelas kl.20:45)


  • WS + Praktika: 150kr (100kr för studenter)
  • Bara praktika: 70kr (100kr for non-members) / 40kr (students etc)

Varmt välkomna!

Om Franz Alvaro Bravo

Alvaro is an argentine tango teacher and dancer, faithful to the traditional style of tango salon that took its form in the Villa Urquiza neighborhood (birthplace of the greatest Milongueros) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He held classes at Milongas such as El Sunderland club, Sin Rumbo and Carlos Perez's practical classes at Sunderland. He is still teaching at La Escuela Mundial de Tango. He performed tribute to great Milongueros Masters and Presentations in the most recognized milongas in the city of Buenos Aires. He also performed and taught classes in different countries in Europe and South America, showing his particular style of dance. And for several years he has been sharing his Neighborhood Tango in different countries.

His classes are aimed at body flexibility, naturalness of movements and ease in a closed and open embrace. Taking into account the elegance and improvisation of the movements. Always starting from the essence of Tango that he learned from his Masters Orilleros, Milongueros and De Salon.

Private lessons Alvaro will be in Stockholm from 14/10 to 23/10 offering private classes in Bergshamra, or a studio in a central location. For booking, you can contact him via: - Whatsapp: +54 1165173760 - email:

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