Monday Practice with Luis Angel Rojas & Camelia Siljedal - DJ Ulla Kastrup

måndag 27 november, 2023 kl 17.30–21
Tellus Fritidscenter

Mer information finns här: https://fb.me/e/1pbF94CcN

This Monday, we have a pleasure to welcome back Luis Angel Rojas (ARG/FI) & Camelia Siljedal (NO/SWE) — the joyous couple whose match-made-in-heaven synergy not only got them march through championships in London & Buenos Aires already (after having started dancing together in spring this year) but also has been fueling their teaching practice.

Together, we will delve into the science, art and magic of turns (“giros”) to "Unleash Our Free Legs! Relax — let ‘that free leg’ follow the lead of your core, and move freely around your axis for those magic swirls, wraps and circles of infinity on the dancefloor.

In other words, the workshop theme is: Enrosques, Lapices and Planeos in Giros with special attention to musicality and biomechanics for both roles. After an hour of study, we will swirl into a Dance-Hard Practica with DJ Ulla Kastrup at 19:00!


17.30-18.00 Portarna öppnar redan 17:30 för lugnare ankomst, ombyte & uppvärmning inför workshoppar som börjar 18:00 som vanligt!

18.00-19.00 Workshop w/ Camelia & Luis - Enrosques, Lapices and Planeos in Giros — Drop-in! You don’t need to pre-register.

19.00-20.50 Praktika med DJ Ulla (Obs! Cumparsita spelas kl.20:45)


Varmt välkomna!

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