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DJ: Juampi

Stockholm Tangofestival 2023 30 dec - 1 jan

DJ Juampi - Juan Pablo Canavire: is an attractive tango DJ with a career that spans some of the main cities in the world. For 6 years, he played the role of resident DJ at DNI Tango in Buenos Aires and has been playing at renowned milongas in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His passion for tango and his ability to create a magical atmosphere on the dance floor led him to gradually introduce himself more and more to the tango scene in the city where Tango was born.

Juan Pablo's reputation as a DJ transcended Argentine borders and allowed him to take his music internationally. He has been the DJ at prestigious tango festivals around the world, including Italy, Hong Kong, Russia (St. Petersburg), Switzerland (Bellinzona), Greece - (Lefkada), Finland, Norway, and Sweden. His unique song selection style, ranging from Golden Age tango classics to innovative contemporary fusions, makes him a favorite among tango lovers of all ages and backgrounds.

Juan Pablo Canavire is currently located in Stockholm, Sweden, where he continues to share his passion for tango as a resident DJ in the city's vibrant tango scene. His presence in the Swedish capital has left an indelible mark, and his music continues to attract tango enthusiasts from around the world. With his unique blend of energy and emotion, Juan Pablo Canavire continues to take tango to new heights and keep the flame of this passionate and keep the flame of this passionate and soulful tango alive. My background is 6 years as DJ at Dni Tango in Buenos Aires. I think that was also my best experience as a DJ.

The Music is the principal thing in the milonga. The Work of the Dj in the milongas is to replace the Orchestras and choose songs to inspire and invite dancers to the dance floor. Combining tandas with Rhythmic and energetic, elegant and soft, slow and romantic music. A good Dj is the one who can creative, feel and keep the good feeling of energy during the whole night.

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2024-04-24 18:00:00


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