Workshop-helg med Lya Elcagu och Tate di Chiazza

Lya Elcagu och Tate di Chiazza
onsdag 28 september, 2022 kl 18 till måndag 3 oktober, 2022 kl 21
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Tango Norte i samarbete med Tango 08! Vi kan äntligen presentera en workshop-helg med fantastiska Lya Elcagu och Tate di Chiazza Från Buenos Aires kommer de till oss i Stockholm under månadsskiftet september/oktober.

Kostnad: 120 kr medlemmar/ 140 kr ännu inte medlemmar

Tema:Change of Directions to be a Rockstar on the Dancefloor We will use the change of directions for more fluidity and better connections not just in your dance, but also with the couples around you!

Kostnad: Enbart workshop: 120 kr workshop + milonga:250 kr

Tema: Playful and Easy Sacadas We will understand and play with concepts of sacadas to color up your dance and let you fall in love with them as we did!

Workshop 1: 14.00 – 15.30

Kostnad: 290 kr

Tema: ”Access you axis” first part Solo Technique / second part in Couples A deep understanding of what “axis” means and how we can play with dependent and independent axises to master a better posture and connection. You will find more stability and possibilities for a playful dance. We will apply the Solo Technique to Crosses and Enganches! Boka WS 1 här!

Workshop 2: 16.00 - 17.30

Kostnad: 290 kr

Tema: "Master Your Pivots" - first part Solo Technique / second part in Couples It's the key to fluidity! Understanding it as an element of itself, such as a glue between steps and change of directions. Dance can get amazingly smooth! We will apply pivots in a fun structure that let you play with different possibilities! Boka WS 2 här!

Lördag 1/10 SHOW på Milonga tipica Victor, Frejgatan 30 med Lya Elcagu & Tate Di Chiazza och Marcelo Varela y Analia Vega

Kostnad: 240 kr

Föranmälan: tango08stockholm@gmail.com för smidigare insläpp. Det går också bra att betala på plats

Workshop 3:14.00 - 15.30

Kostnad: 290 kr

Tema: "Organic Embrace" We will seek a comfortable and flexible embrace and how through it we can express different states and manifest the music that inspires us. We will work on the understanding of how important and communicative the embrace is. We will not do magic tricks, we will create magical sensations. Boka WS 3 här!

Workshop 4: 16.00 -17.30

Kostnad: 290 kr

Tema: "Making Art with Your Free Leg" Use the team of the standing leg and body weight to master it! When we understand this powerful team, we can create strong roots and release tension in our embrace. We will work on playful movements such as lapices and boleos! Boka WS 4 här!

Drop-in! Tid: 18:00-21:0 Workshop 1,5h + Practica 1,5h.

Kostnad: 150 kr

Tema: Tune into Turns Different structures and techniques for turns. Let's play with one of the most used moves in the Tango world and give our turns a thrilling twist! Drop-in! Läs mer här!

Här kan du få en förhandstitt på deras undervisning:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZgnbnqJi7o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZs5VMHy3hs&t=71s

Här kan du sen Lya& Tate dansa:


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